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Ultra-quiet 47.1 dB power generators with different powers from 17 kVA to 2000 kVA, perfect for wherever silence and reliability are important. Ultra-quiet power generators are used in production plants, homes, offices, hospitals, concerts and mass events, and even on motor boats, i.e. wherever silence and comfort of work and rest are important.

Our power generators allow you to adjust the parameters perfectly suited to your needs. Engine power, emission standards, even Stage 5, type of material from which the housing is made can be changed according to the buyer's needs. Power generators can even have large-sized tanks with an optional automatic tank filling system with a capacity of up to 2000 liters.

Our specialists with many years of experience will be happy to advise and solve potential problems with the selection of the best-suited power generator for your needs.

Check out our generators and choose a copy that suits your needs. Sample specifications, in order to choose the version best suited to your needs, please contact us.